Photo by Katherine Zembera

Photo by Katherine Zembera

Savannah King is an artist and healer who’s work is dedicated to bringing ancient wisdom and craftsmanship into modern life.

The jewelry she creates is guided by spirit and charged with intention. These are pieces hand wrought with integrity as personal talismans of healing, magic, protection, and manifestation.

Taoist Stone Medicine, Cha Dao, and shamanism inform her spiritual practice and work. She studied with and was initiated as a teacher of stone medicine by Sarah Thomas at The Upper Clarity School. Savannah continues in a shamanic mentorship under Caroline Padgett, deepening into her gifts as a seer, mystic, and space holder. She spent 12 years in New York honing her craft as an apprentice at The Jewelry Arts Institute, where she now teaches workshops on ancient and classical goldsmithing.

Savannah recently returned home to California to set up her Los Angeles studio and further serve her community through Sacred Adornment, Stone Medicine, and Tea Ceremony.

“May these offerings spark magic and joy, from these hands to yours.” -Savannah