New Moon in Scorpio & Solar Eclipse

 This Scorpio New Moon is a rare hybrid Solar Eclipse, both an annular and total eclipse.  An annular eclipse is when there’s a ring of fire around the Sun; a total eclipse is when the Moon blocks out all of the Sun’s rays.  Most of the eclipse can be seen in the Atlantic, southwestern Europe and most of Africa. People on the East Coast of the Americas can see it toward sunset.

“The Scorpio Solar Eclipse occurs on November 3rd, 2013 at 4:50 am PST/ 7:50am EST/ 12:50pm GMT.  A solar eclipse disrupts the energy flow between the Sun and Earth and helps establish new energy channels for new possibilities.  -Cathy Pagano

This is one of the most monumental transitional times ever experienced on the planet. Now through 2015 we will be asked to step up and be as fully aware and responsible to our own truth as we can be. Stay grounded and use this energy to transform your life. The following two weeks is especially an important and powerful time for manifestation. It is so very important that we use our energy to only focus on what we want, and desire to create in our life. 

It is a perfect time to make your new wishes. And wish wisely. These wishes are very important and hold a lot of weight and power. Mercury is also in retrograde, so be sure to really check in with how you feel about what you are wishing for. You can use the energy of Scorpio and make wishes about new beginnings, in relationships, in things that you are passionate about. This New Moon in Scorpio combined with the Solar Eclipse make is such a powerful time!

Don't forget, your wishes must be hand written on paper. Ten wishes maximum. The most potent and powerful time for wishing is within the first eight hours after the beginning of the New Moon, but within the first 48 will work. Also, be sure to share your wishes with someone you love and trust, having a witness to them will give them more power.  -The Sphinx & The Milky Way by Lauren Spencer King
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