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FEBRUARY 20, 2018



Written & Photographed by A Wild Dove 


Who knew stones could be so powerful? Savannah King did. “Stones ask us to slow down and remember that we are one with the earth,” she says. As founder of Third Eye, a collection of handcrafted jewelry made with love and intention, Savannah focuses on ancient and classical goldsmithing techniques that channel energy and symbolism through talismans and one-of-a-kind designs. She also works in Stone Medicine, the Daoist philosophy that everything from earth has a living vibration for wisdom and healing, and that minerals possess opportunity for great intuition. Not only are we huge fans of Savannah’s jewelry, but the meaning behind it makes it all the more beautiful. We had to know more, so we sat down with Savannah to chat stones, jewelry and how they can transform our busy lives.



We are obsessed with your jewelry. Can you tell us, what was your path in discovering Stone Medicine and the "trigger moment" in realizing your calling?

I have always been drawn to stones but it was only a few years ago that I started "hearing" them. They communicate with us on the vibrational level, an exchange of consciousness through dreams, sensations in the body, and even words when we pause to sit with them. It took me a while to makes sense of it but when I truly opened myself to to this medicine my life changed. I felt a deeper connection to the earth, my body, and my ability to serve and heal.


We love that. So how does your jewelry work and your Stone Medicine practice serve each other and overlap?

One of the best ways to be supported by stones is by wearing them. I make custom talismans and jewelry that honors the healing properties of the stones used. I work from scratch, employing ancient goldsmithing techniques to make every piece by hand from its raw material to completion. This allows my work to be filled with energy and intention at every step in the process. 

Can you speak to the science behind Stone Medicine? How is it physical beneficial? Emotional?

On the quantum level we are all just particles and waves, a.k.a. vibrations. Stones direct energy in the body aiding both our physical and emotional health. Their finite crystal structures are highly organized and store a tremendous amount of information so they help us to sift through what might feel chaotic in our lives.


Wow, ok, so how can we teach our kids about Stone Medicine and how do you think it can benefit them? 


Kids are natural healers because their intuition is so pure and strong. It's fun to go rock hunting with kids, If you have the opportunity to go out and collect stones, it's a fun way to connect with nature. Talking about how minerals form in the earth over millions of years, how they live in the soil and feed our plants which then in turn then feed us, is a great way to explore some geology and open them to the natural magic of the planet. My 5 year old god daughter loves to give treatments by having me lay down and she places stones on my body.

How can mamas benefit from Stone Medicine? Specifically those balancing demands of children, work and more?

We can all use a little help in balancing the demands of family, work, and the fast-paced lives we lead. For mamas I always recommend my Grounding Necklace. It's a black beach rock with an open back setting so the stone can rest against the skin providing a sense of calm and grounding. Stones are so supportive in your environment too and don't require much upkeep, which is great for busy mamas. I live on a bustling street in New York so I keep protective stones like Black Tourmaline or Obsidian in the window to help cleanse the energy coming in. I love Citrine in the work space to promote joy and success.



Can you speak to your work with clients, is it a journey or do they come to you with something specific?

Some of my clients will come to me with a specific intention, from manifesting a partner to support in setting boundaries, or even just a feeling, a color that is joyful to them, a wish to wear something with meaning or gift a loved one with something personal. I'll ask a few questions and meditate on the piece, then select a stone and setting to best serve them. I also ask for any music or mantras they'd like the piece charged with as I find it helpful to listen to music that resonates with them when I'm setting the stone.


Love that! So what is your "therapy?"

Sitting in circle with other women. Whether that is a tea ceremony, new moon circle, or my book club, it's what keeps me feeling supported and connected to myself and others.



Lastly, what makes you fly?


Laughter, spending time with my nearest and dearest in nature and remembering to be light enough to fly.