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Stone Medicine Circle for Pregnancy


In this Stone Medicine circle we’ll open a relationship with Opal and Pearl to support the mother to be
and the soul she is welcoming. Through exploration of the womb space, nurturing of our feminine embodiment, and honoring of every soul’s unique blueprint we’ll discover the healing these stone allies can offer us. Doulas, expecting mothers, and all women looking to revitalize their inner and outer glow are welcome.

Savannah’s work is based on the understanding that everything has a living vibration
and the earth is our greatest source of wisdom and healing. She teaches from an ancient Daoist Stone Medicine lineage passed down through the generations. She was initiated as a teacher through The Upper Clarity School of Stone Medicine under her mentor Sarah Thomas. In addition to stones, Savannah is a student of the leaf, sitting in daily Cha Dao practice, and is honored to serve tea in her community.
Savannah spent many years in New York honing her craft as a goldsmith, teaching ancient and classical techniques at The Jewelry Arts Institute, and now works with her clients to create talismans and one of a kind pieces. Savannah’s jewelry channels energy and symbolism through honoring hers client’s intention
and the unique gifts of the stones and metals incorporated. 

Facilitated by Savannah King, Goldsmith and Healer 

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Alchemical Marriage

It’s the last day to see Big Ringer  at Andrew Edlin Gallery in New York. Over 100 artists were asked to reimagine the engagement ring.

This is my creation! The Alchemical Marriage is represented here by the Solar and Lunar Serpents intertwined around a Precious Opal embodying the sacred union of opposites.

Big Ringer Exhibition

I’m honored to participate in Big Ringer at Andrew Edlin Gallery! Please join the opening if you are in NYC.

Reception: Saturday, April 27th, 6 - 8 pm

Andrew Edlin Gallery presents Big Ringer, a celebration of artists and artisans from many fields reimagining the engagement ring, organized by Andrew Guenther.

Prior to our modern understanding of the circulatory system, many believed a vein ran directly from the fourth finger of the left hand to the heart. The vena amoris, or vein of love, was seen as the conduit to a loved one's heart. Placing a wedding band or engagement ring on this finger was meant to be a supernatural link to the wearer's partner, a symbol of unity. Over time, rings have grown in size and opulence, carrying heavier cultural expectations.

 We asked over 100 artists to create “rings” of any material, no larger than 5 inches in any direction. Given the task of re-envisioning such a weighty and symbolic object, the artists in Big Ringer have created rings from diverse perspectives including honesty, apprehension, optimism and cynicism. 

212 Bowery
New York, NY 10012

T 212-206-9723

Tuesday through Saturday
10:00 am to 6:00 pm