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Mind Body Green

Honored to be mentioned by Paula Mallis on Mind Body Green today!

Wellness Leaders Reveal Their No. 1 Spiritual Practice

5. Connect to your jewelry.

Carnelian is a stone I wear in a ring, custom designed for me by goldsmith Savannah King. This stone supports setting intentions, allowing them to manifest through the courage to take action. I especially love wearing it as I facilitate New Moon Circles. 
Paula Mallis, doula and founder of WMN Space

Third Eye Neon Dreamcatcher featured on..

"Dreamcatchers, the symbolic guardians of sleep, have come and gone in popular culture (raise your hand if you had a pink one when you were 11 or you’re a boho goddess who’s always had one). Either way, the spiritual pieces are decidedly hot again.

Now top bespoke design retailers like Reformation and ABC Home are stocking them, chic indie companies are crafting them to commemorate something or someone important, and we can name a handful of wellness gurus who love theirs, too.

And while we can't guarantee dreamcatchers will actually prevent the nightmares you keep having after The Leftovers, they can definitely add spiritual meaning to your home, says Cristen Genga, the founder of Brooklyn-based custom dreamcatcher purveyor Spoke Woven.

"What I've read about Native American dreamcatchers is that someone in the family would make them to protect their loved ones," Genga says. "We also do that. When I work with someone, they mail me things that are personal and close to them for the piece. For me, the dreamcatchers are honoring that tradition."

Here are five gorgeous ones to consider hanging up ASAP. —Jamie McKillop"