Eclipse NEW MOON in Taurus April 28th 2014

Mystic Mamma says,

"The Solar Eclipse | New Moon in Taurus brings us an opportunity to settle in and ground the energies that have been unearthed during this recent portal of transformation. We can allow the nurturing, feminine and grounding energy of Taurus to help us move forward, by physically engaging in that which nurtures.

Spending quality time with our family and engaging in the physical satisfaction of doing things with our hands, cooking, crafting, building, cleaning, all these things bring us deep satisfaction and ground us into the present.

So much of what has been suppressed is coming to the light and it feels as though the very ground beneath us, our very foundation has been shaking, and for some of us it truly has. Our collective ground of being needs to be shaken because it most of it has been built on illusions.

This has been a time of seeing. Illusions about ourselves, illusions about others and illusions about our world. All of these are crumbling away so we can rebuild on what is real and true.

It is a time of recognizing and aligning with what we truly value, and then vowing to live our lives in a way that truly upholds and reflects it. Not in just with our words, but with our actions and the way that we live. This is the lesson this time brings.

So have courage dear hearts, see what needs to be seen, feel it, and allow the transformation that is taking place within and without to carry us to the new. Magic, rebirth, inspiration and much goodness awaits. "