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Rip + Tan: New Moon in Capricorn
Artwork by Savannah King for The New Moon Circle Journal

Artwork by Savannah King for The New Moon Circle Journal

Sagittarius is where we seek out our belief system, Capricorn is where we consider its rules. Capricorn is the sign of backbone and integrity. It’s our ethics, our matured understanding of consequence. Effort is required and rewarded. This New Moon asks that we revisit our ultimate goals. What mountain are we climbing? And why are we climbing it?

Capricorn is an earth sign. It’s interested in tangible results and status symbols. This New Moon offers us an opportunity to reevaluate our relationship to these things and the role they play in our lives. Do they define us? How much weight do they hold? We all crave recognition to varying degrees. It’s part of being human. But if ambition is our sole motivator, we may be missing the point.

Gratification and satisfaction can be found as much in the journey as in the destination, perhaps even more so. Very often it’s the overcoming, the willingness to step out of our comfort zone (Capricorn governs fear) that emboldens us and gives our lives meaning and weight. It’s actually the quiet, inward applause that deepens our commitment to self-actualization and authenticity. 

Now is the time to revisit our motivations. What’s driving us? Who are we trying to impress and why? Can we commit to our own development knowing that, ultimately, it’s how we feel about ourselves that matters most? Can we recognize how far we’ve come?


Art: Savannah King
Astrology: Danielle Beinstein

Rip + Tan: New Moon in Sagittarius
artwork by Savannah King for New Moon Circle Journal

artwork by Savannah King for New Moon Circle Journal


"Faith and optimism are essential ingredients in the recipe of life. Without them, we risk homeostasis and depression, a kind of methodical drudgery. That being said, relying too much on faith can be a dangerous proposition, as we may lose sight of the need for organization and structure, the things that give our lives form. If we are to navigate this world successfully, we must marry faith with a healthy dose of skepticism. We must find our balance. 

Sagittarius is the explorer forever in search of new lands. This fiery, intuitive, and philosophical sign governs travel, publishing, higher education, religion, and the judicial system. Sometimes boastful and often very convincing, this sign knows how to make a statement and isn’t shy about voicing it. It’s also freedom-oriented to the core.

Still Saturn, the planet of karma and maturation, is currently transiting Sagittarius and will continue to do so until December of next year. Saturn is in stark contrast to Sagittarius’s ruler, Jupiter, planet of expansion, risk, and luck. Thus when Saturn transits this sign, we find our optimism tempered, our steps become more measured. This is further compounded by the fact that Jupiter is currently transiting Libra, sign of partnership, diplomacy, and balance. In short: The rubber is meeting the road. We are reconciling our desire for freedom with our need for partnership. Yet this lunation also contains a square to ethereal Neptune in Pisces, which dissolves whatever it touches. If this sounds confusing, it’s because it is. We have conflicting energies at play. And it’s up to us, as individuals, to reconcile them. 

What to do, then? Find our philosophy, our worldview. During this time, we may feel called to ask ourselves the following: What do we believe? Who do we believe in? What is the nature of our faith? And can we ground in it? “If you’re invested in security and certainty, you’re on the wrong planet,” Pema Chodron is quoted saying. Nevertheless, having a framework for our life can give us solace in these tumultuous times. It can anchor us in the here and now as we continue, step by step and day by day, to march in the direction of our dreams. As with anything, it comes down, always, to our lens. So the question is: What do you believe?"

-Danielle Beinstein

Taurus SuperMoon
Savannah King for The New Moon Circle Journal

Savannah King for The New Moon Circle Journal

Wisdom from Rebecca Conran:

"This Super Moon in Taurus is the closest the moon will appear to earth in 68 years, it's going to appear huge, and it will probably feel like a massive release to most of us. This is good, we sure do need it! Taurus helps us to connect to our senses, ground into mother nature and our bodies and really be present to the current moment. It's steady powerful earthy energy with a background in Venus, Taurus planetary parent and keeper of value, worth and all things Love. This is a time when we really need to use our self care rituals, how we eat, the movement we give our bodies, meditation, to cope with the intensity of our grief, anger and fear. We are being asked to be present to the sensations and needs of our bodies and to connect into our divine value and worth. We show ourselves value and worth by taking very very good care of ourselves. By speaking to ourselves with kindness, by mothering and fathering ourselves in the way we always needed. By incorporating creativity into our lives. By having adequate excersize. By connecting with loving people. By eating healthy nourishing foods. Where can you improve this over the next week? Make a plan at this time to do so. You deserve it. 

Full Moons are always about release and each of us has much to intend at this time in the way of what we want to let go of, if not for us then for the collective. Taurus asks us, how can we show up for ourselves and others and be dependable? How can we show generosity in our giving? How can we be patient yet persistent? How can push ourselves to receive from others to build our self worth and self esteem?"

Full Moon in Aquarius
Artwork by Savannah King

Artwork by Savannah King

"Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse in AQUARIUS | Aquarius is the friend, the brilliant, future-minded thinker. This lunar eclipse opposite the show stopping, big hearted, generous Sun in Leo brings us a moment of lightning bolt clarity, piercing the veil of drama. Aquarius can feel aloof, but that's only because its got its mind on the bigger picture. It feels weighed down by heavy emotional scenes, choosing to focus its energy on the collective instead. Where have we been participating and perpetuating drama? Are we willing to free ourselves (no judgment if we're not)? How in acceptance are we of our differences? Of our need for space? Life is a dance, always. So can we be ok with all of it, including the drama, as we step back and, with a wide angle lens, and take it all in? Can we be a true friend, to ourselves and others?" -Danielle Beinstein