Full Moon in Gemini

Artwork by Savannah King from  The New Moon Circle Journal

Artwork by Savannah King from The New Moon Circle Journal

G E M I N I Full Moon | "Gemini is the networker, the witty charmer always ready with a sharp retort. It's curious and sociable and adaptable. This Full Moon, opposite the Sun, Mercury (communication) and Saturn (karmic lessons, structure, limits) in Sagittarius and square Neptune in Pisces offers us an opportunity to look at the narratives we've constructed and whether or not they're actually serving us. We may find ourselves a little ungrounded as old beliefs and ideas begin to dissolve making way for the new. And with a cardinal T-square involving Libra, Uranus and Pluto also involved, we may revisit old themes around love and money, as we wrestle with who or what we're attracting in our lives. It's a very busy sky (how very Gemini) and one that may overwhelm, but the key here is the larger arc. So what is the story you're telling yourself? Are connecting the dots, moving in the direction of (real) wisdom, growth and expansion? And are you speaking (or writing) that truth, allowing old outworn constructions to dissolve as you continue to make way for the new?" Danielle Beinstein