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Taurus SuperMoon
Savannah King for The New Moon Circle Journal

Savannah King for The New Moon Circle Journal

Wisdom from Rebecca Conran:

"This Super Moon in Taurus is the closest the moon will appear to earth in 68 years, it's going to appear huge, and it will probably feel like a massive release to most of us. This is good, we sure do need it! Taurus helps us to connect to our senses, ground into mother nature and our bodies and really be present to the current moment. It's steady powerful earthy energy with a background in Venus, Taurus planetary parent and keeper of value, worth and all things Love. This is a time when we really need to use our self care rituals, how we eat, the movement we give our bodies, meditation, to cope with the intensity of our grief, anger and fear. We are being asked to be present to the sensations and needs of our bodies and to connect into our divine value and worth. We show ourselves value and worth by taking very very good care of ourselves. By speaking to ourselves with kindness, by mothering and fathering ourselves in the way we always needed. By incorporating creativity into our lives. By having adequate excersize. By connecting with loving people. By eating healthy nourishing foods. Where can you improve this over the next week? Make a plan at this time to do so. You deserve it. 

Full Moons are always about release and each of us has much to intend at this time in the way of what we want to let go of, if not for us then for the collective. Taurus asks us, how can we show up for ourselves and others and be dependable? How can we show generosity in our giving? How can we be patient yet persistent? How can push ourselves to receive from others to build our self worth and self esteem?"