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Stone Medicine Circle for Vitality, Sexuality, and Embodiment

Friday September 6th, 7-9pm

In this Stone Medicine circle we’ll open a relationship with Carnelian and Garnet to awaken radiance. These stone allies encourage us to live life with passion and presence. We’ll experience how they support us in overcoming roadblocks to full embodiment, vitality, and pleasure through applications you can carry forward into your daily life. Dancer and yogi Catherine Venus will then guide us through movement to get the blood flowing and close the circle. 

Savannah’s work is based on the understanding that everything has a living vibration
and the earth is our greatest source of wisdom and healing. She teaches from an ancient Daoist Stone Medicine lineage passed down through the generations. She was initiated as a teacher through The Upper Clarity School of Stone Medicine under her mentor Sarah Thomas. In addition to stones, Savannah is a student of the leaf, sitting in daily Cha Dao practice, and is honored to serve tea in her community.
Savannah spent many years in New York honing her craft as a goldsmith, teaching ancient and classical techniques at The Jewelry Arts Institute, and now works with her clients to create talismans and one of a kind pieces. Savannah’s jewelry channels energy and symbolism through honoring her client’s intention
and the unique gifts of the stones and metals incorporated.

Facilitated by Savannah King, Goldsmith and Healer

Catherine Venus is a lover of all forms of movement and physical flow. She believes that movement is both an art  form and a potent healing modality. Catherine trained in various forms of dance since the age of 4, including Hula, Tahitian, & Contemporary dance. She is a devoted yogi and is a certified teacher of Hatha, Vinyasa, & Power Yoga. In 2018, she created the Embodied Woman Method, a practice that blends the structure of yoga with the fluidity of free form dance & movement. Through this practice of creative physical expression, she believes that we as women can tap into and heal our suppressed physical traumas and wounded body images. Through embodiment, we can harness and reclaim our passion and power.

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