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SK x WMN Space Collection
Wmn Space Collection

I'm so honored that our Protection Studs are debuting as part of the new WMN Space Collection. I use just about all of these items in my daily life, bringing me back to into connection with myself and this beautiful community of WMN.

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We sourced, curated and collaborated with local artisans, dear friends and the WMN of our community. These pieces are mindful invitations to nurture our self care practice and make our lives just a bit more magical. 

Creating Sacred Space: A Full Moon Women’s Circle

Sunday, October 25 -- Creating Sacred Space: A Full Moon Women’s Circle

I'm so excited to have my dear friends and co-creators of The New Moon Circle Journal Danielle Beinstein and Paula Mallis in Brooklyn for this gathering.  

2-5pm at Maha Rose, 97 Green Street, #G3, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Throughout time, women have gathered during the New and Full Moons to support, heal and uplift one another. While New Moons are for new beginnings and setting intentions, the Full Moon is a time of great illumination, culmination and release. In this 3 hour workshop, we will learn how to hold space for each other as we let go what no longer serves us and align with our inner wisdom through meditation, intention and heartfelt sharing. Paula and Danielle have joyfully been leading circles in Venice, CA for the past 2 years and are delighted to bring their knowledge and experience to New York City. 
$65 pre-register | $75 day of

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