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Full Moon In Scorpio

Like a snake shedding it's skin, it's time for rebirth. Mystic Mamma says, "We have been integrating what has been brought to light in the past few weeks and are ready to move out of these deeper waters. This Full Moon in Scorpio illuminates the last of it, and calls for us to gather our courage and take action that will enable us to  move forward.

Full Moon

Tonight is the Full Moon in Taurus! There is a lot of energy around this. Seams to be a time of digging deep to align with your truth and greater path. What Spencer King wrote about on her blog, The Sphinx and The Milky Way, really resonates with me today...


Beaver Moon

Sunday, November 17th, Taurus, 7:16 am PST


The days leading up to this Full Moon have been tough ones. Since the New Moon two weeks ago we have been navigating some pretty heavy and sticky energy. You are not alone in this. And now especially with the Full Moon here emotions have reached their climax. As you start to learn about how the Moon effects you during it's different phases you can start to have a deeper awareness of events in your life. You will know that part of the reason things are intense right now is because of the Moon. This awareness helps create space during difficult times, it will allow you to take a deeper breath and let go of some of the weight of what's going on around you. Full Moon's also magnify everything! How is the moon acting as a mirror for you, what is it showing you? How are the relationships in your life acting as mirrors right now?


Also, there has been tons of resistance in the air in the past week. Especially if you are a teacher, leader, or someone who is being asked to risk out in the world. I have really noticed that those of us who are being asked to take on a greater purposes are being met with lots of resistance to do so and extra challenges. How are you handling this? Are you backing down, playing small, canceling things, not showing up? Or are you resilient and navigating it all in the name of staying on your path?


With the Full Moon in Taurus and the Sun in Scorpio the energy is so physical and deep right now, our brains are having a really hard time understanding what's going on inside of us, and the deep shifts that are taking place. You don't have to know what's going on, just keep trusting it. It is a really uncomfortable time, so much buried stuff is being pushed to the surface. Just let the discomfort be your guide, when you feel it you know you are bumping up against an area that wants to heal, that wants to be transformed. This path is not for everyone, it takes courage to step up and evolve and heal. Let your desire for this lead the way during this time. It might not be pretty, it might get super messy for a while, it might be scary, it will most likely be uncomfortable, but it is so needed. It's what your soul is asking for.