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Full Moon in Gemini

Kelley Rosano says,

“The Gemini Full Moon on December 6 is a party Moon. This Full Moon is a brief break from the intense growth and striving you have done… When you focus on what is working in your life. This creates a current of positive energy. You are a magnet for good things to flow to you…. For the next five months you are being asked to make core changes in your life. The Gemini Full Moon message is to Step Up. Be brave. Get in the driver seat empower yourself…. This huge amount of change can be exhausting. Take a moment and catch your breath. Celebrate what you have learned. Celebrate your growth. Celebrate how far you have come. Be adaptable. Change sheds the old and gives birth to the new.There is the part of you waiting to be born. You are the one you have been waiting for."


New Moon in Sagittarius
Hélène Deutch

Hélène Deutch

“The sun soars into Sagittarius on November 22. The sun loves being in Sagittarius. This is where the sun has room to roam. You will turn your focus from the deep dark waters of Scorpio. To the warm fires of Sagittarius and this energy will be uplifting.

“The New Moon in Sagittarius happens a few hours later on November 22…It is time to honor the struggles and battles you have faced in the past. Let them go. You are getting a fresh start. What would you do if you were fearless?

“…Sagittarius rules future vision. Sagittarius is about truth, wisdom and the expansion of consciousness. You are not to be limited or held back by what is going on in your life today. Sagittarius is the visionary part of you…”

“New Moons are new beginnings. The Sagittarius New Moon invites you to be creative. Get out of the box of limited thinking. Challenge your perceptions of reality…”

Align your goals with your truth and you will be successful. What is your point of brilliance? Your point of brilliance is where you shine the brightest. That is doing what you do to the best of your ability."

-Kelley Rosano