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Spirit Weavers Marketplace

I was honored to join a divinely talented group of women in the Spirit Weaver's Marketplace this year. Seeing my pieces come alive on such vibrant spirits is what it's all about. I shared my jewelry and natural dye in the Third Eye booth. Connecting through creativity opened my heart and empowered my path. 

In gratitude for all the women I met under the redwoods, I'm offering a 20% discount to my Spirit Weaver sisters. Enter discount code SW2016 at checkout to claim.


Spirit Weavers Gathering Marketplace

I am thrilled to announce that Third Eye will be a part of the Spirit Weavers Gathering Marketplace this year. Joining such a divinely talented group of women in sharing our craft is truly an honor. I will be selling jewelry, natural dye, and new moon journals during the Sun Session. Can't wait to dance under the redwoods with you all.