Full Moon In Cancer

New Moon Circle Journal  artwork by Savannah King

New Moon Circle Journal artwork by Savannah King

This powerful Grandmother Moon is the first one to grace us on Christmas since 1977!

"CANCER FULL MOON || Cancer is the nurturer, the mother, the caretaker. It's emotional, navigating the world sideways as it dips in and out of its self-protective shell. This Full Moon, opposite structured, rooted Capricorn illuminates our roots, our sense of home. This is the parent axis. Much has been written about this being the first Full Moon on Christmas in 38 years and many of us are being called to redefine what family means to us in these turbulent times. Whether biological or makeshift, now is the time to sink into the love in our lives, to revel in the ways we've successfully mothered and fathered ourselves and emerged whole. Let us nourish ourselves through shared connection and warmth. Wherever you are, whatever your faith, whatever your current circumstances know you are loved, that you are love. Uranus awakens from its slumber as well, jolting us into newfound territory. What better landing pad than our very own heart? Merry Christmas. I love you all" Danielle Beinstein