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RIP + Tan: New Moon in Scorpio
by Savannah King

by Savannah King

If you follow our monthly series with astrologer Danielle Beinstein you know that each New Moon presents a fresh opportunity for spiritual growth and emotional reflection. While last month was all about making sense of our relationships, this month’s New Moon is more about working on ourselves. This is a chance for us to pause and look honestly at our own darkness, and our ability to be vulnerable to the truth. By digging deeper now, Danielle explains, we’re paving the way for a more conscious and honest future. XXJKE


It’s easy, given the speed at which we live, to get lost in the details, in what we can physically see, what’s tangible. But so much of life is energetic. It’s what’s left unsaid, what’s exchanged in the spaces between. This New Moon in Scorpio—which is conjunct with Mercury and trine with illusory, ethereal Neptune in Pisces—asks that we peek behind the veil. Scorpio is a penetrative sign, peeling back the layers, piece by piece. Scorpio does not suffer fools gladly. It sees what others are unwilling to see, what lurks within and behind the shadows. It understands that it’s in our depths that we find our wholeness and discover true intimacy. Supremely focused and directed, it’s not interested in anything less. In short, for this sign, intensity is the name of the game.

Thus this New Moon offers us a chance to come home to ourselves, to reconcile our light and our dark with the understanding that to be alive is to be entangled. Building self-trust, and listening to our gut, is a vital process. Are we willing to accept our darkness, our shadow? How comfortable are we with our own vulnerability and with others’? Are we taking things at face value or are we trusting our instincts, listening within?

Let’s take some time to journal, to pause and reflect on these questions. Our future selves will thank us. After all, the more self-awareness we have today, the more conscious our choices will be tomorrow.


Danielle Beinstein 

Art: Savannah King
Astrology: Danielle Beinstein

Rip + Tan Feature: New Moon in Leo
artwork by Savannah King

artwork by Savannah King

Leo is warm and generous, shining its light for all to see. Entertaining and enterprising, it’s fueled by creative fire. It’s not surprising then that Leo is ruled by the Sun, the very source of life. Leos rarely shy away from the spotlight, craving attention and praise.

This New Moon, which forms a supportive trine to grounded, structured Saturn in belief-oriented Sagittarius, offers us an opportunity to anchor in our creativity and spunk. If we believe we can, we can.

Courage is the theme here. After all, it requires a certain level gumption to put oneself out there creatively, and to express one’s true self. The root of the word courage can be found in the French wordcoeur, which means heart. It’s in our hearts that we find our fortitude and determination. What makes your heart sing? What fans your flame? Where can you call yourself forward?

Creativity is not limited to painting, writing, or design. It’s a way of life. When we engage with our heart, opening to the possibilities before us, we are living a creative life. When we set heartfelt intentions and take actions to support those intentions, we are living a creative life. The world reflects our beliefs back to us. This New Moon, why not tune into your inner light and show it what you’re made of?

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Art by Savannah Lauren King:

RIP + TAN Feature: New Moon in Gemini

The first official month of the summer season, June is usually filled with all kinds of fun opportunities. Interestingly enough, this year it also coincides with a new moon in Gemini, which Danielle Beinstein, Los Angeles astrologer and meditation guide, told us is also about new experiences and discoveries. Here she explains a little bit more about about this adventurous new cycle. If you live in the Los Angeles area or are planning a visit, be sure to check out one of Danielle’s New Moon Circle events in Venice. XXJKE


Danielle Beinstein:  Gemini is the curious networker, full of wit, charm, and ideas as it moves from one scene to the next. It’s known as The Twins, able to play both sides with equal aplomb. This New Moon involves all four mutable signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. These signs adapt, acclimating to whatever circumstances they’re in. With Gemini’s ruler, Mercury (planet of communication), now direct in fixed, earthy Taurus, we should be careful not to overcommit. Our words continue to have weight, so let’s pause before committing, choosing heartfelt inspired action over fear and insecurity.

Options, this New Moon is all about options. We may feel scattered, pulled in various directions and overwhelmed. It may be challenging to pin down what is next or what is real. Things may feel surreal or unstable. We may feel disillusioned, disoriented, or confused. But herein lies the opportunity, the gift. How can we adapt, juggling all that’s in front of us, while committing to what has value and weight? What interests us, peaks our curiosity? Can we follow it without attachment to outcome, rooting ourselves in the moment of discovery itself? Can we ground in the here and now and trust our inner knowing, embracing uncertainty as a teacher? And can we maintain our faith, knowing that everything that happens to us, ultimately happens for us?

Gemini is a joy-filled, delightful sign. Play, learn, socialize, move about, have fun. Be in the moment—it’s always where the magic is.


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Art by Savannah King,


New Moon in Sagittarius
artwork by Savannah King

artwork by Savannah King

S A G I T T A R I U S new moon |

"Sagittarius is the explorer, the philosopher, the wisdom seeker, storyteller and jester. This New Moon square Jupiter in Virgo offers us a powerful leap forward as we continue to chart our new course, post Saturn in Scorpio. Buoyed by faith, our dreams and a thirst for freedom, we're asked to look at our belief systems, the stories we tell ourselves and others as we venture forward, where we're drawing our inspiration from. There has been a lot of inflated, bombastic talk of late, a lot of posturing, much of it hate-filled and fear based. This is the dark side of Sagittarius, the preacher unchecked and run amok. The light is to be found in the larger arc which, as MLK so eloquently stated, bends towards justice. What is the story you're telling yourself, personally and globally? What is your belief system? What is your truth? Are they aligned? And where in your life can you lean into discernment, into wisdom and into your higher power as you set sail for unchartered waters, open to all that awaits you?" Danielle Beinstein

Artwork and insight from The New Moon Circle Journal