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Rip + Tan Feature /// New Moon In Cancer

Artwork by Savannah King from The New Moon Circle Journal

If June is the month when you get to celebrate the arrival of summer, July is the time to really sink into its beauty. I love this time of year more than anything because it means spending lots of quality time with my family, and being in nature more than ever. Interestingly enough, this month’s new moon in Cancer is all about nurturing “home”—whoever and whatever that may mean to you—as well as being good to yourself in the process. It couldn’t be a more appropriate prescription for this time of year. Here, Danielle Beinstein, Los Angeles astrologer and meditation guide, shares a bit more about this new cycle and what kinds of questions it brings on. XXJKE


It’s a bit ironic that this new moon should fall on Independence Day, as Cancer is not exactly independent in nature. Relational to its core, Cancer finds meaning and purpose in emotional connection. Yet the day itself, and the national pride ascribed to it, speaks to the Cancer’s love of tradition.

Cancer is the nurturer and caretaker and tends to protect itself from any perceived slights or hurts. Being a water sign, it’s feeling-centered, seeking comfort and security to tide its ever-shifting moods. This new moon joins with Venus (relationships, values and money) and Mercury (communication and thought) to offer us an opportunity to reevaluate our relationship to family, home, and the ways in which we may neglect ourselves. Home is the place at we dwell but it’s also our inner resting place. Asking ourselves what home means to us personally, and where we can find that feeling, is important this month.

The truth is that Cancer is often so busy tending to everyone else’s needs that it rarely stops to think about its own. This new moon asks us to consider the following: How can we create space for our own feelings in our hyper-connected, goal-oriented world? Are we carving time out for those we cherish most? And can we add ourselves that list? Nurturing and caring for our own inner children, as we tend to the very adult tasks of our lives, is crucial.

This is the first official new moon of summer. Long sun-filled days and dinners under the night sky with loved ones. Let’s use this time to tune back into what and who really matters most, including, but not limited to, ourselves.


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RIP + TAN Feature: New Moon in Gemini

The first official month of the summer season, June is usually filled with all kinds of fun opportunities. Interestingly enough, this year it also coincides with a new moon in Gemini, which Danielle Beinstein, Los Angeles astrologer and meditation guide, told us is also about new experiences and discoveries. Here she explains a little bit more about about this adventurous new cycle. If you live in the Los Angeles area or are planning a visit, be sure to check out one of Danielle’s New Moon Circle events in Venice. XXJKE


Danielle Beinstein:  Gemini is the curious networker, full of wit, charm, and ideas as it moves from one scene to the next. It’s known as The Twins, able to play both sides with equal aplomb. This New Moon involves all four mutable signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. These signs adapt, acclimating to whatever circumstances they’re in. With Gemini’s ruler, Mercury (planet of communication), now direct in fixed, earthy Taurus, we should be careful not to overcommit. Our words continue to have weight, so let’s pause before committing, choosing heartfelt inspired action over fear and insecurity.

Options, this New Moon is all about options. We may feel scattered, pulled in various directions and overwhelmed. It may be challenging to pin down what is next or what is real. Things may feel surreal or unstable. We may feel disillusioned, disoriented, or confused. But herein lies the opportunity, the gift. How can we adapt, juggling all that’s in front of us, while committing to what has value and weight? What interests us, peaks our curiosity? Can we follow it without attachment to outcome, rooting ourselves in the moment of discovery itself? Can we ground in the here and now and trust our inner knowing, embracing uncertainty as a teacher? And can we maintain our faith, knowing that everything that happens to us, ultimately happens for us?

Gemini is a joy-filled, delightful sign. Play, learn, socialize, move about, have fun. Be in the moment—it’s always where the magic is.


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