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Rip + Tan Feature: New Moon in Leo
artwork by Savannah King

artwork by Savannah King

Leo is warm and generous, shining its light for all to see. Entertaining and enterprising, it’s fueled by creative fire. It’s not surprising then that Leo is ruled by the Sun, the very source of life. Leos rarely shy away from the spotlight, craving attention and praise.

This New Moon, which forms a supportive trine to grounded, structured Saturn in belief-oriented Sagittarius, offers us an opportunity to anchor in our creativity and spunk. If we believe we can, we can.

Courage is the theme here. After all, it requires a certain level gumption to put oneself out there creatively, and to express one’s true self. The root of the word courage can be found in the French wordcoeur, which means heart. It’s in our hearts that we find our fortitude and determination. What makes your heart sing? What fans your flame? Where can you call yourself forward?

Creativity is not limited to painting, writing, or design. It’s a way of life. When we engage with our heart, opening to the possibilities before us, we are living a creative life. When we set heartfelt intentions and take actions to support those intentions, we are living a creative life. The world reflects our beliefs back to us. This New Moon, why not tune into your inner light and show it what you’re made of?

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Art by Savannah Lauren King:

New Moon in Sagittarius
artwork by Savannah King

artwork by Savannah King

S A G I T T A R I U S new moon |

"Sagittarius is the explorer, the philosopher, the wisdom seeker, storyteller and jester. This New Moon square Jupiter in Virgo offers us a powerful leap forward as we continue to chart our new course, post Saturn in Scorpio. Buoyed by faith, our dreams and a thirst for freedom, we're asked to look at our belief systems, the stories we tell ourselves and others as we venture forward, where we're drawing our inspiration from. There has been a lot of inflated, bombastic talk of late, a lot of posturing, much of it hate-filled and fear based. This is the dark side of Sagittarius, the preacher unchecked and run amok. The light is to be found in the larger arc which, as MLK so eloquently stated, bends towards justice. What is the story you're telling yourself, personally and globally? What is your belief system? What is your truth? Are they aligned? And where in your life can you lean into discernment, into wisdom and into your higher power as you set sail for unchartered waters, open to all that awaits you?" Danielle Beinstein

Artwork and insight from The New Moon Circle Journal